Company Name

TKM Land Surveyors LP


Santa Clara, CA


Tom Milo, PLS

Area of Coverage

Primarily South Bay and Peninsula, and select cities on the East Bay of Northern California

Certification Information

  • CA – PLS 6438 (1991)
  • TX – PLS 4334 (1985)


Privately funded

Land Survey Expertise

30 years – California 22 years; balance of experience in Texas.

Areas of Survey Expertise

Topographical Surveys
Boundary Surveys

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Client Categories

Residential and Commercial


Architects, civil engineers, landscape architects, general contractors, property managers, real estate lawyers, Title companies, residential and small commercial  property owners.

Sample Client Reviews

EEO Insurance



Member California Land Surveyor’s Association (CLSA)

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

When is a survey recommended or required?

  • Buying a property: some states require a survey to buy a property. Other states do not. It is useful to know exactly where the property lines are and whether there are any encroachments.
  • Planning on construction improvements within property boundaries
  • Adjusting existing parcel boundaries
  • Resolving boundary line disputes

What is important when looking for a land surveyor?

  • Make sure you find a land surveyor licensed by the State of California
  • Awareness of your needs and familiarity with local government regulations
  • Experience and qualification for the type of survey work to be performed
  • Evidence of satisfied customers and good reputation in the community
  • Make sure the surveyor is helpful and has good communication skills

How much does a survey cost?

There are a number of factors that are considered when calculating the price of a survey. They include:

  • Survey type which could range from a single property line survey, a boundary survey, a topographic survey or a survey for the purchase or sale of a commercial property
  • Lack of maps of your property on file with the County can trigger a special County filing that adds $1,600 to the cost of the job
  • Lack of evidence (monumentation, markers, pipes, etc…) available on your street can result in additional research that needs to be done along adjacent streets
  • Property size with surveys for larger lots being more expensive than smaller lots
  • Hilly terrain can be time consuming and slow down the survey process
  • Vegetation, landscaping and trees along the property lines can also affect the speed with which the survey can be done and the line of sight required for the survey to be done properly
  • Inconsistencies found on other surveys done in the area can result in additional time with phone calls to the other land surveyors to review methodology and evidence
  • Variance is City requirements for certain types of surveys involved when doing new construction or building additions and ADU’s
  • Title Company/lender requirements regarding documentation
  • Surveys that are to be used for litigation in boundary disputes can add costs for Exhibit Maps and consultations with lawyers
  • Round trip travel time from the office to the job site needs to be factored into proposal costs