Home improvement projects, buying and selling property, new construction and additions, lot line adjustments & lot mergers often come with a lot of questions and uncertainty. TKM Land Surveyors LP offers consulting services for each of these areas. A land survey is the first step that is required by architects, civil engineers and general contractors. Home owners facing boundary disputes with their neighbors look to TKM Land Surveyors LP to help them identify boundary lines, and any encroachments. TKM Land Surveyors LP provides a thorough explanation of the scope of work to ensure understanding of the process, pros and cons of various options and strategies to reduce stress.

TKM Land Surveyors LP offers its services to property owners, property managers, architects, civil engineers, landscape architects and real estate lawyer in the South Bay, the Peninsula and select cities in the East Bay. Below you will find a list of areas we serve. If you don’t see your city listed below, please contact us, we’d love to see if we can help you with your survey requirements. Call TKM Land Surveyors LP for your land survey requirements to help you protect your investments in residential and commercial real estate properties.

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