TKM Land Surveyors LP offers a proven track record with clients in Sunnyvale for a broad range of land survey services including:

Select locations in Sunnyvale that have been surveyed by TKM Land Surveyors LP include:

CityLocationType of Survey
SunnyvaleVasquez Ave.Lot Line Survey
SunnyvaleCrescent Ave.Boundary Survey
SunnyvaleLewiston Dr.Boundary/topo
SunnyvaleEaglewood Ave.Elevation Certificate
SunnyvaleConnemara WayConstruction Staking
SunnyvaleNorman DriveBoundary Survey
SunnyvaleDunholme WayConstruction Staking

Whether you’re are involved in new construction, or are building an addition or a separate dwelling unit, or you’re involved in boundary disputes, TKM Land Surveyors LP will help you understand the survey process and protect your investments in Sunnyvale property.

TKM Land Surveyors LP invites you to contact us to discuss your land survey requirements.