What is an ALTA Land Survey?

An ALTA survey is a detailed survey performed by a registered licensed surveyor, prepared in accordance with the standards specified by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping (ACSM). The ALTA land survey is a detailed survey of the property that shows boundaries, buildings, parking areas, improvements, easements, right-of-way, and other elements that impact land title. This is one of the most detailed surveys available, often at a greater cost than other surveys. While it is not mandated for every purchase, it is highly recommended for buying or selling commercial real estate.

Why are ALTA Surveys Important?

The ALTA land survey is used primarily by the following individuals and companies:

  • Property owners
  • Lending institutions
  • Title companies

Lending institutions often require an ALTA land survey to understand potential liability, encumbrances, and encroachments which may affect the title of the property.

How can TKM Land Surveyors LP Help?

In the event encroachments are found, TKM Land Surveyors LP will show them graphically on the survey. You can arrange for a report that outlines the scope and nature of the encroachments or this can be discussed during a personal de-briefing. In the event litigation is involved, lawyers generally request that an Exhibit be prepared which blows up the area in question so that the encroachments can be more clearly presented.