Boundary Surveys

A boundary survey is a process carried out by a licensed land surveyor that establishes the size and physical location of a parcel of land including property lines and property corners typically witnessed by monuments or markers, such as (iron rods, pipes, nails or concrete monuments) as described in a deed. It also indicates the extent of any easements or encroachments and may show limitations imposed on the property by state or local regulations.

Boundary surveys are typically required in the following situations:

  • To security mortgage loan approval or refinance on a property;
  • Prior to land title being transferred;
  • Prior to land being subdivided;
  • Prior to land development (fences, pools, landscaping, buildings, roads, etc.);
  • To help resolve inaccurate property descriptions;
  • To help settle boundary disputes.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys provide a three-dimensional map with digital information about the land elevation and features. Topographic surveys are typically required when building an addition or when undertaking new landscaping projects. Topographic surveys may contain varying levels of detail including:

  • Structures including houses, garages, sheds, walls, fences, retaining walls, pools, etc.. ;
  • Hardscape areas including driveway, walkway, pavers, decks;
  • Information such as elevations under a tree’s canopy, tree trunk location and size, pipe diameter, valve boxes, and drip line;
  • Above ground visible utilities;
  • Spot elevations and contours.

Construction Services

Once the boundary survey is completed for new construction projects, TKM Land Surveyors LP will undertake construction staking at the direction of the general contractor to ensure that the foundation forms are placed in the correct position. Construction Staking/Layout Construction staking is the process of interpreting construction plans and marking the location of proposed new structures such as an addition to your home. Construction staking is performed to ensure a project is built according to architectural plans and the City setback requirements. TKM Land Surveyors LPS also undertakes the staking of property lines for new construction, disputes and the installation of a new fence.

Boundary Disputes

Most boundary disputes start when a neighbor takes an overt action to add, change or modify property elements like building a structure, tearing down a fence, cutting a tree down or placing landscaping on what you believe is your property. Disputes can arise when a neighbor’s property is sold, new owners move in and want to build a large addition, which renders any “handshake” agreement invalid. Fences which were installed without a survey being done can constitute an encroachments on a property.

Surveying the property between your property line and that of your neighbor will 1) identify your property line by setting durable markers at the corner 2) identify any encroachments. With the survey, you have the evidence to show your neighbor as well as a lawyer about an identified encroachment.

  • Disputes can result in costly legal fees:
    Aggressive actions by your neighbor may require the involvement of a lawyer. Engaging TKM Land Surveyors for a lot line survey can provide your lawyer with the justification he needs to issue a cease and desist order until a trespass lawsuit can be instituted;
  • Disputes can impact your ability to sell your property:
    Encroachments can also be reason enough for a title company to refuse to issue insurance when you decide to sell the house;
  • Unresolved encroachments can result in a loss of part of your land:
    Many states have laws that allow a person who uses another’s land for a long enough time to gain legal right to continue to use the land, and in some cases, even gain ownership of the land

Elevation Certificates

The Flood Elevation Certificate is an important tool of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). If your home or business is in a high-risk area, your insurance agent will likely need an Elevation Certificate (EC) to determine your flood insurance premium. An Elevation Certificate completed by TKM Land Surveyors LP verifies the elevation data of a structure on a given property relative to the ground elevations.

Some insurance companies reserve the right to charge a homeowner the highest possible flood insurance premium in the absence of an elevation certificate. Depending on the measurements obtained by TKM Land Surveyors LP, a property owner may experience a savings on the monthly flood insurance premiums.