ALTA Surveys

An ALTA survey is a detailed survey performed by a registered licensed surveyor, prepared in accordance with the standards specified by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping (ACSM). TKM Land Surveyors LP delivers the ALTA survey to commercial clients which shows boundaries, buildings, parking areas, improvements, easements, right-of-way, and other property elements that impact land title. This is one of the most detailed surveys available, often at a greater cost than other surveys. While it is not mandated for every purchase, it is highly recommended for buying or selling commercial real estate. Lending institutions often require an ALTA survey to understand potential liability, encumbrances, and encroachments which may affect the title of the property.

Boundary Surveys

Typically, there are several reasons why a commercial property owner might need a boundary survey. These include the intent to sub-divide a property, adjust the lot line, add a fence or a wall or establish the exact square footage of a lot. Boundary surveys establish the size and physical location of a parcel of land including property lines and property corners described in a deed. Land surveyors licensed by the state of California are required to set durable markers at the corners, typically metal rods pounded into the ground) and then submit the survey for review by the County and filing. Any encroachments found on the property are also documented in the boundary survey which is useful in the event there are any disputes between adjacent property owners. TKM Land Surveyors LP uses the Title Report to identify the presence of easements which is the legal right to a limited use of another’s property. The most common easements include public utility easements and ingress/egress easements that provide shared access to driveways and/or parking lots.

Topographic Surveys

Boundary surveys are often done in conjunction with a limited or full topographic survey which show all and/or select property elements including structures, hardscape areas, trees over 6 inches, fences and walls, above ground utilities as well as spot elevation and contours. TKM Land Surveyors LP consults with clients contemplating building expansion or landscape improvements to best determine which property elements which should be included in the scope of work for the topographic survey. Property owners that are planning building expansion and new landscaping will typically require spot elevations and contours which help civil engineers determine appropriate grading and drainage requirements.